For Others, It’s Just Business.For Me, It’s Personal.

Sandeep is a first-generation immigrant who has found success in the real estate business and helped create childcare centers to help address the growing need for affordable and accessible childcare services in the DFW metroplex.

Sandeep is also a long-time community activist who founded a non-profit organization to help new immigrants transition to the United States and continues to be on the front lines of challenging issues. He has marched alongside concerned citizens for women’s rights, promoted gun safety to reduce gun violence, and strongly supports universal Pre-K, affordable childcare, universal healthcare, and more.

“At a young age, my mother taught me the importance of community involvement and giving back. Running for Congress seems like a logical next step to advocate for Texans and progressive values. In short, I am community-focused, people-driven, and progressive at heart,” said Sandeep Srivastava.

“My wife and two children and I came to the United States over 20 years ago with less than $1000 to our name. We chased the American Dream and found it. Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue happiness, whatever that looks like for them. But, I am afraid that Dream is fleeting for so many others, and I feel compelled to try to save it.”

Now that my friend, Colin Allred, is running for U.S. Senate, I’ve decided to run for Congressional District 32 to follow in his footsteps and bring representation to all the people who live, work, and play here. I hope to earn the support and represent the constituents in District 32, just as Colin has.”