A better world is possible if we stand together and fight for it.

Working families deserve a leader who will fight and deliver for good jobs, reproductive rights, Medicare for All, a functional electric grid, and a better Texas.

Working Texans deserve a leader who believes in the power of organized labor and that treating employees well is critical to company success. As your next representative, Sandeep Srivastava wants to ensure everyone is being paid living wages, guaranteeing $15 an hour nationwide. He advocates for legislation like the PRO Act and national paid sick day laws. Sandeep also believes in universal paid family and parental leave and supports legislation such as the Raise the Wage Act.

The current out-of-control healthcare costs are unsustainable and need to be addressed. Healthcare is critical to every family's needs and is not something the country can continue to ignore. With 42% of cancer patients going bankrupt within two years after treatment, it is an issue that cannot wait. We must improve our healthcare system to put patients first, focus on wellness and preventative care, and reduce overall costs so that healthcare is permanently available and affordable for all individuals and families, regardless of socioeconomic status.

When it comes to healthcare, no solution is off the table; if it has meaningful change that will reduce the burden on Texans and families across the country, Sandeep favors it. Whether it is medicare for all, a public option, or some other form of single-payer healthcare, the solution must be inclusive and reduce the burden on families across the state and nation. That is why we must take an “all of the above approach” and review every option to create the best comprehensive solution that fits the needs of every family.

Texas is ground zero for attacks on reproductive rights from state legislative initiatives, so we must pass a national law that protects private medical decisions, including the right to safe and legal abortions. Sandeep is dedicated to codifying Roe vs. Wade through legislation like the Women’s Health Act and expanding reproductive healthcare access for all.

Gun Violence is a severe epidemic spreading across the U.S. at alarming rates. We know that funneling more guns into a situation is not the solution, so we must work together, responsible gun owners, and gun safety advocates, to bring about real change. We can start by supporting universal background checks, funding intervention programs, and supporting red flag laws.

The United States has more people incarcerated than anywhere in the world, largely due to the “war on drugs,” which has wreaked havoc in communities across the country. Sandeep fully supports the MORE act, which removes the federal ban on Marijuana while also directing expungements for related convictions.

We all want to feel safe in our communities, and that’s why it is essential to support our police while also ensuring proper oversight and removing some of the burdens from their shoulders. We can improve community policing and hire additional support staff like social workers and mental health professionals to take some of the burdens off of police officers in non-threatening situations. No person should have their life taken by the police, and we can implement a system that reduces the frequency of death by officers nationwide while maintaining safe communities.

As an immigrant who was able to come to America and pursue the American Dream, the need for immigration reform is something Sandeep takes to heart. We must focus on an immigration policy that treats people with dignity and respect, creating a pathway to citizenship and protecting Dreamers. The American Dream and Promise Act is a bill that Sandeep strongly supports, among others. He is focused on bringing families together while helping end the backlog of immigration paperwork that has plagued our system for decades.

Sandeep believes we must take more substantial steps to protect the LGBTQIA+ community, so he strongly supports The Equality Act We must ensure all people are protected from discrimination in the workforce, housing, and more. We must also codify marriage equality to ensure everyone can marry who they love across the country.

People who attend college earn $2 million more over their lifetime and contribute ten times more to the economy – it’s a win-win. We must ensure everyone has access to higher education if they choose to do so, including Trade Skills and degree opportunities that support the future growth of our country. I believe in investing in people and working to have debt-free education for community colleges and public universities, as well as universal Pre–K and universal childcare. We must ensure that our education is good and excels so that we continue to compete in the global economy for generations to come.

It is well established that Pre-K has a long-term, positive impact on our children’s futures. Creating long-lasting opportunities for every child is critical to our nation’s ability to continue to lead in the future. Pre-K is linked to meaningful changes in their lives, resulting in higher high school graduation rates, higher percentages of college enrollment, less likely to skip classes, less likely to end up in juvenile detention, and more likely to take the SATs and prepare for college.

Sandeep is a strong believer in the power of education and the ability to lift people up; that’s why he is a strong proponent of Universal Pre-K and its profound impacts on our nation. We can ensure the United States continues to be a leader in the world by supporting education and especially by establishing Universal Pre-K for all children.

We need leadership willing to talk about tough topics, such as climate change, while looking ahead to the opportunities that come with solving the crisis. It is easy to ignore the ongoing devastation that climate change already has on our communities. DFW's insurance premiums increase as our homes and businesses are impacted by dangerous weather. What’s worse is that the frequency with which we are seeing severe, billion-dollar environmental disasters is increasing in frequency.

It's not all doom and gloom, though, regarding climate change. Texas leads the nation in renewable energy opportunities, just like we have done with Fossil fuels for decades. We can make a significant transition and be leaders of the future while continuing to be an energy state and being part of the solution. Promoting a green economy is good for business, jobs, and overall economic growth. We should be taking the opportunity instead of pretending it doesn’t exist. Sandeep supports a robust transition that protects current jobs while moving to a green economy, supplying clean energy, and building out a power grid that can help the future of electric demand as we move toward electric vehicles and more by 2035 and is 100% zero emissions by 2050. This threat turned opportunity will create tens of thousands of long-lasting, high-paying jobs in Texas, and millions of jobs across the United States. The threat of catastrophic climate change is real, but so is the opportunity that comes with it.